Friday, August 8, 2014

Blog Tired.

What a week!!!!

Dallyn epically dropped a jug of Chocolate milk, instantly christening the new house,  the reach of the splatter so impressive, I didn't even yell and just stood there in utter awe at his giftedness.

But I was too tired to blog about it.

Our move was annoyingly crazy...

But I was too tired to blog about it.

Kelli sent me a blog post about how honest we are when people ask, How are you ? And how people often don't want an honest answer anyway. I could have written  volumes.... We are fine, is often a lie.

But I was too tired to find all the right words.

Superman's been super-d-duper...

But that tired thing again.

I saw another post on what made the difference in kids who didn't leave the church (religion in general, not LDS)...

I also saw that same day, a FB post, saying that having a wayward child, it the WORST trial  someone could think of...

I was like really? Both things felt misguided, even judgemental maybe? I am left wondering do you have a wayward child,  cause I am guessing if you do you are shouldering all the blame for their choices, and if you don't you are guessing.... But there is no blame to claim...Remember Laman and Lemuel (disobedient brothers in the Book of Mormon) had the same parents as Nephi (the obedient one)...they were goodly parents.

If we took away our children's choice to leave the gospel, we would in turn would NOT have our choice to stay...

The commandment is to teach and love them...not hog-tie them to religion....

Oh yeah, but I really am too tired to blog.

I guess I need to spend some time to fill my bucket, rather than empty it :) That and have a good nap, yeah I will probably just nap.



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