Monday, August 25, 2014

Sister Kramer: Things are good now. :)

So I have to resort to stealing pics off facebook...But it looks like Bailey is still drawing and smiling, so this Momma is happy. :)

i am glad to hear that camp went so well not going to lie i am a little jealous that you had kenneth cope come to camp! what are some of the things you guys did at camp?
how is Dad doing?
things here are getting better it was alittle stressful trying to work out all the kinks with having three missionaries but things are good now.
the Branch here is amazing the are a great support to us a missionaries :)
i dont think i need anything at the moment but maybe if you come across some motab music you could send it my way :)
i will send pictures soon love you so much :)

Bailey also was "screeched in" this week....(became an honorary Newfie)  


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