Monday, August 4, 2014

Sister Kramer: Newfie Lingo

I write a novel...she responds with a few sentences :)
I know this means she is happy and focused on being a missionary.

Just happy to hear she is picking up the lingo :)

i am glad to here that you are enjoying to new house. 

we have knocked alot of doors this week but people are nice so its not to bad but the heat sucks most days it is about 30!
nothing super funny this week
Stay where you at til i come round to. and me nerves are rubbed raw! haha  (newfie lingo???)
St. Johns reminds me alot of Victoria just that old down town feel.
i am now allowed to use my personal facebook you guys can like and share things but i cant comment back or message you sorry 
this week has been rocky our district leader.... is in the hospital.... he is doing well now.

love you 
sister kramer 


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