Monday, August 11, 2014

Sister Kramer: The Sweetest Thing

This week's email...short and sweet...Just like Bailey, except the short part, she's not, but her letters are. :)  She is happy and well and we couldn't be happier :)...
i am doing really well the work is hard and slow but things are good :)
facebook is really cool to use on your mission you can have lessons over facebook with people and find people that are less active and i helps the members get involved and on our facebooks there is facebook purity fire wall so it hides your news feed so you cant see anything friends post we only use it to post up lifting things and talk with investigators. by next year every missionary with have an ipad.
the best thing this week happened yesterday in church one of the primary kids came up to my companion and i and handed us a note that said she wanted us to help her so that she could invite one of her friends family to church it was the sweetest thing :)
love you :)


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