Monday, August 18, 2014

Sister Kramer: Tri

Another short email :)
And she only answered one of my avalanche of questions :) This girl sure knows how to keep me guessing...
If you are too lazy to read the half dozen sentences...
MP called, 2nd companion and area, doesn't drive, mom, you'll survive camp. :)
Gees, I LOVE her and MISS her!!!!!
there have been so many changes happening in the last week and a half. We just had transfers so my companion and i were told that we were both staying in st. johns so we thought we were in the clear. but then we get a phone call from president leavitt and he never calls so we were a bit worried. he tells us that a few of the new missionaries were not coming anymore and so that the mission now had an odd number of sisters so now i have two companions and we are covering two areas now!.....
i dont drive yet once you become the senior companion then you drive.
i know that you will do amazing at girls camp! they love you (Alex says that she is happy that you are going)!


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