Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Camp :)

"They know you HATE camping, right???" Kelli says, not skipping a beat, when I told her I got a call from the Stake Presidency. 

Yes!!! But I LOVE the Young Women and Girls Camp is different.

They asked if I'd be the Stake YW Camp Director, I was a wee bit surprised, but I said yes, happily.

So yeah, it's true, I'm not really the camping type, my idea of camping is a Motel 6 with a bunch of trees around it. But some of my sweetest memories have been at girls camp, as a youth and as a leader....

Sleeping in a Teepee 
Repelling down a 60ft tower at camp Impeeza.
Sunrise devotional at Sprout Lake.
Grizzly Bears on the Kimpbell River.
All the youth singing the Army of Helaman at Moroni's quest.
Drinking contraband Dr. Pepper in paper bags around the campfire 
Having a bowl of salad dumped over my head by an annoyed Laurel
Welcoming the youth off the Train, when they finished Trek.
The bear phobia freakout
A Weckesser campfire sing along.
When they treated to send me home 15 minutes in my last year as a YW.
Watching seven brides for seven brothers.
Listening to a YW bear her testimony that at school she had been picked on, but at camp she was safe and loved.

I could go on forever......
I asked last week for others favourite camp memories and a friend from my time in Lethbridge reminded me of something I had completely forgot....

My best camp memory includes you, your sister, your mom and the big blue van! We were camping out at elkwater and it rained and rained and rained. Your mom loaded up the van and took us into town to dry our clothes at the laundromat. We played monopoly half naked in the van until our clothes were dry. Over the years I've often thought about that camp and how strong of a woman your mom was to do what she did. I'm sure I never thanked her but I wish I had.

I hadn't remembered that, until now. Girls camp is a very special thing. I just hope that our girls can come away from camp this summer with the same sweet memories.


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