Monday, March 2, 2015

Sister Kramer: Walking Through Tunnels

hey mom,

thanks for the pictures :) i would love to see pictures of the house sometime :)

dont worry this week has been good for driving i didnt hit anything so we are doing good.
the snow has started to melt a bit but we are still walking through tunnels most of the time...and it is snowing  right now we are suppose to get about 3inches today so that will be fun
So this week we fasted as a Zone to help us find new investigators because it has been hard these last few weeks to find people so my companion and i have been praying a lot an last night we were able to have a lesson with on of the elders formers( a former is someone that was taught before but stopped meeting with the missionaries for whatever reason) and he is willing to meet with us and continue to learn...also we have 3-4 lessons set up this week that are potential investigators....I know that when we sacrifice the Lord turly does bless us :) it has been a great week 

love you all
sister kramer


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