Tuesday, March 31, 2015

We'll See Him Again.

Dallyn and Grant, Temple Square 2001

When Bailey encouraged us to share our feelings about the Saviour this week leading up to Easter, the thought was met with mixed emotions for me. Easter weekend brings gratitude and some sorrow.

Three years ago we said good bye to my Dad on Good Friday...
That day our hearts ached as we gave him back to our Heavenly Father. I sat in the back seat of my sister's car holding my 4 year old nephew's hand as Kelli took the phone call saying he was gone. Zach instantly sobbed as we all felt the raw sorrow of that moment.

 "We'll see him again, right Aunt Robin." he said, through his tears.
"Yes Zach, you're right, we will see him again" I said through mine.

Even at four Zach knew of the promise that death is not the end. That because our Saviour died on that first Good Friday and rose on that Easter morning, we too, will live again.

How grateful I am for that gift and the knowledge that I will see my Dad again, free from the trials of this world.


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