Wednesday, March 18, 2015

CP's a Witch.

{So I just realized that Cerebral Palsy awareness ribbons and Bipolar awareness ribbons are EXACTLY the same colour...yes my twisted sense of humour finds this hilarious, another reason the Super hero and I are a perfect match. :) }

My legs and feet are betraying me at the moment. I have never had a day when they didn't hurt in some way, but the last two days the muscle spasms are relentless....Cerebral Palsy is a bwitch once in a while....

Spending hours on a ladder Monday finishing the kitchen, pushed my poor feet and legs over the edge. Usually I can tune the pain and muscle tightness and spasms out, but today no matter what I do, I feel like my legs are ninety something....

It's funny how quickly pain and discomfort  takes me to a place of pity. I laid in bed last night, first I was thinking about how much I hurt and the next thing I knew my brain had taken me on my own personal tour of everything wrong in my life. Instantly I was feeling like the worst wife, mother, friend, person ever. Satan sure knows our weak spots and has no problem pointing them out to us.

I even told Heavenly Father that I was sick of life being so hard, in my less than sincere personal prayer...

I had been a jerk all day, no actually a when superman crawled in bed I  totally expected the "I know your legs hurt, but..." lecture. Instead he just rubbed my feet  and said he was sorry it hurt so much. He's a good guy sometimes.

Today they still hurt but, I'm not angry about it. And today I don't feel picked on. I guess I just need to slow down for a day or so and be patient with this less than perfect body of mine.


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