Monday, March 30, 2015

Sister Kramer: Who God Would Have Me Be.

Such a sweet email this week:

what are the families plans for easter this year guess what easter will be about my 11month mark! isnt that just crazy i skype home in may and then the next time i will see you guys will been in person my mission is just going by so fast it is crazy to think that i have been out this long i have learned so much! but one of the greatest things i have learned on my mission is to know who i am as a person i now understand who God would have me be :) it is so amazing to feel his Love daily in every thing i do and it is even more amazing to be able to share that Love with everyone that i meet :)

have you been able to see the new video for easter that the church has put it out it is great :) they have given us easter pass along card to promote the video i am sure the missionaries there have them i encourage you to share the video on facebook of your blog it is just great :) 

well hope you have a great easter and the easter bunny treats you well this week
love you 
sister kramer :)  

The Easter Video can be found here:


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