Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Geriatric Mean Girls

We grabbed a quick bite at McDonalds (don't judge, I know you eat there too) while it was determined that Man-child's brand new malfunctioning phone, was indeed possessed....

I'm neck deep in my big mac, when I notice an elderly woman (in her eighties) slowly sit down, alone at a table and move her walker out of the way. She looks up at the two woman (in their sixties) sitting at the table across from her and says in a friendly manner,

 "Hey I haven't seen you in a long time."

The one sixty-something women, sets her coffee down glares at the eighty year old and says....

Can't you see I'M TALKING HERE!!!! and with an animated sigh, turns back to her conversation with the other sixty-something, turning her back completely to the eighty year old.

I nearly choke on my Big Mac.

What just happened here???

Is this some geriatric, mean girls reality show??? Has this senior citizen lost her mind??

Why on earth would you ever be so rude??? To an elderly woman no less.

I should have asked her, but I didn't. It bothers me that I didn't.

It costs nothing to be kind, even with those we might not like or understand or even with those who have a history of being unkind to us. Rudeness is never justified.

I will never understand what brings someone to such rudeness. I am sad for the eighty year old, but even more sad for the sixty-something, who must live in a very dark place to act so poorly.

Next time I will ask....


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