Monday, March 23, 2015

Sister Kramer: Where's My Car?!

this week was somethin else that is for sure we had two snow days you know there really isnt a lot you can do as a missionary when you are suck in side all day except maybe get cabin fever haha we got hit with 80cm of snow over night and the next morning it took us two hours to dig our car out!!! we couldnt even get it out ourselves some people stopped and help up it took four people pushing to get it to move just a cazy day!

this week we went on exchanges with our sister training leader who is sister b  by the way how do you and her mom know each other?? so she came to be with my compaion and i went to bridgewater to be with sister s we had a great time together we went to contact this referral on this farm and she gave us a tour she had just had 18 baby lambs and some beautiful horses it was great and then we were able to pick her up as a new investigator which was sweet :)

so i totally failed to tell you who my new companion is last week sorry :) so her name is Sister P she has been out for about 3months now and is from Spanish Fork utah :) shes pretty down to earth

love you guys 
sister kramer  


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