Monday, March 16, 2015

I'm Finished! (the KITCHEN)

It all started because our archaic wall oven was dying and would only bake at TWO temperatures, 300 or we went looking and discovered wall ovens are ridiculously expensive...

We realized we could replace the wall oven and countertop stove top, with a range and add a dishwasher (which we did not have) with the electrical work needed for the SAME price as replacing just the wall oven....

Simple enough right???

Well taking out the stovetop meant a giant hole in the counter, so then we decided to redo the countertop, using 2x10 lumber.

I always planned on painting the cupboards someday...but once we removed the wall oven I realized the painting couldn't wait....

This counter opposite the sink was 6 inches lower than standard, with an even lower desk at the end, so we decided to add drawers and raise the counter to a proper height, continuing the cupboards were the desk was, creating a pull out, garbage and recycling bin....
It took forever and we made lots of mistakes, the worst, Never ever think you can short cut on paint...the white doors had to be redone after the first attempt peeled immediately...adding an extra week of stripping, sanding and takes two coats of primer and 3 to 4 coats of paint to get the right finish.

-Countertops cost less than $200 

-we got all the hardware at the Restore and reused the original hinges, painting them all with a matte black $25

-we reused the cabinets we ripped out with the wall oven to rebuild the configuration we needed, picking up plywood from the restore for a few dollars as needed.

-back splash is tongue and groove pine, tile wasn't budget friendly

The white sink was a display model for $95

Tap from Costco $100

I'm sure we spent over 400 man hours as a family, finishing every detail, every kid is now a proficient painter and Dallyn built cabinets and even wired in the vent hood, while texting grant pics, from the attic  to make sure he had done it correctly :)

Way more work than we thought, but it was well worth it.

I love it!

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  1. Way to go! I'm so impressed! It looks great. is so awesome that you involved the kids!