Monday, March 16, 2015

Sister Kramer: Sackville

hey everyone,

things here are great there is way less snow her then P.E.I. which is great because i have come to know that i am not made for the snow. it is cold and it sticks to everything and is too much white stuff for one person and i think that it is very unnatural for it to snow in march like arent we suppose to have flowers in bloom and the sun shining im just saying!

yep i am back in nova scotia :) it is nice here in sackville most people call it sackvages because it is suppose to be a money town but i dont know.

i was reading a talk in my studies the other day called "perfection pending" by Russell M. Nelson (great talk i would hope that you would read it ) it spoke in there of two kinds of perfection the first being mortal perfection -- there vare things that we can be perfect in like the word of wisdon or paying our tithing but in this life we will not be perfect in all things and then there is eternal perfection and this only happens after the resurrection when we are literally made like god or perfect. it also talks about how the greek word for perfect is telios which means finished or end so god does not expect us to be perfect ....when Jesus Christ asks us to be perfect even as your father which is in heaven he is asking us to become perfect not to be perfect this only come once we are resurrected :)

love you guys 
sister kramer


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