Friday, February 11, 2011

Alex's Song

Our Alex has always been pretty shy and hates being put on the spot. When she agreed to start voice lessons a few months ago, I don't think she ever thought she would have to perform, let alone in public. Tomorrow morning Alex is participating in a music festival here in Courtenay.....

The American Folk Song "The Water Is Wide"

The fact that Michelle W (music teacher) convinced her to at least try it, proves that Michelle is some kind of miracle worker. They don't allow us to record her tomorrow so she let us record a snippet tonight so her Grandparents could see it. We all know it takes a lot of courage to try something way out of your comfort zone...we are so proud of you

***Alex did awesome!!!! She was SUPER nervous but she did it. The adjudicator was fantastic and said some really nice things about Alex's great pitch and pure sounding voice and gave some helpful tips to work on her confidence. Alex's said she wanted to do it again next year. What a great opportunity to learn and grow.***


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