Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Tears for Dad

I have spent the last several days trying to convince myself that my Dad is just having a bad week. But, today when my Dad called I instantly knew things have changed....

He told my he was petting the puppy I sent him and wanted to thank me for sending it to him....After a few seconds of racking my brain, I was able to determine he was talking about a stuffed animal resembling Tater we gave him several years ago. I am still not sure if he understood if the "puppy" was not real.

He then continued to tell me that he has some mice visiting his house. I said Dad its not good to have mice in your house. He replied "He left the doors open, but they didn't seem to want to leave...." Dad you need to set traps or call some one" to which he said " That's OK I don't really mind having them around, they're not bothering me any."

My heart sank. He's getting worse, way worse...

My Dad has refused all offers for help, won't be assessed medically and becomes instantly hostile when we express our concerns....

How long do we let him live like this?? How do you help someone who won't let you help?? When does the need to keep him safe take away his right to choose his circumstances??

Today I have shed a few tears....
Tears of frustration, tears of heartache, tears for Dad.


  1. Hi Robin I am not sure if anything I can say will help ease your pain, but Carolin and I will add you and your father to our prayers tonight.


  2. I'm so sorry, Robin. :( You should talk to my mom, she is going through a similar situation with my grandparents right now.