Saturday, February 5, 2011

Tubing, Dancing & Hanging :)

One of the awesome parts of living here is that the ski hill with the deepest snow depth in the world is a mere 25 minutes from our door step. It is completely possible to build a snowman and a sand castle in the same afternoon (Kye Bay is 10 minutes from the same door step). Thursday evening my girls went snow tubing for Mutual and had a blast. It was raining slightly up there so they came home covered in straw,(used as a buffer at the bottom of the hill) I'm still trying to get it out of their snow pants and jackets. But from the sounds of things a little extra laundry is a small price to pay for the fun they had.

Friday night was the Nanaimo Stake Youth dance....Grant and I went as chaperones and took the "loser cruiser" down. It was fun to embarrass our kids...dancing to Party in the USA (swing those hips Grant :). The weather was perfect for driving and we made it home and to bed by midnight....

(Milena's Photo)
The girls were back up at 5:45 am (Saturday)to head back down to Nanaimo for the Standards Activity. We had the day home with just Dallyn (it was soooo quiet).. The girls got home early evening, having had an awesome day, they are now all sound asleep (my rec room sleep over gone wrong) and its only 7:30 pm....I love worn out teenagers. Busy, but fun weekend, good thing its a pro-day Monday....


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