Thursday, February 24, 2011

Where's Yer Toque???

"Where's your Toque Dallyn??" He looked at me like I was speaking Swahili. The look is standard for a school morning but...." Why do I have to wear a toque, Mom???" "Dallyn its COLD!!!!"..... Shoulder shrug, sigh and eye roll, come standard.

Being a mother for the last 17 plus years has taught me one thing.....


We live on Vancouver Island and our location usually shelters us the proverbial Canadian Winters, so normally a hoddie is sufficient and normally my philosophy is if they freeze or get soaked, "That will learn 'em". But this morning it was minus 15 C with the windchill (stop rolling your eyes you prairie people that's cold for us Islander's) and the wind is supposed to pick up this afternoon.
So,I dug my heels in and wouldn't let anybody leave without a toque, mitts and jacket on their bodies.(Do you know how hard it is to find five pairs of matching mitts???) And now, I'm the most POPULAR Mom ever! ;)......

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  1. Remember when mom would make us wear those huge snowcat boots? We always ditched them in the seminary building (don't get any ideas) and then got frost bite. Don't you remember that being warm was not cool?