Monday, February 14, 2011

What Did We Do LAST Valentine's Day???

What We Did LAST Valentine's Day!!!!! (the day Bailey was blessed Feb 19,1995)
Christmastime 1995 Holly 23 months, Bailey 10 months, Me 7 months preggers with Madison (Grant & I were 21)

Sometimes we say things ONCE that our sweethearts never let us live down, Right, honey??,

At some point on or around Bailey's Birthday/Valentine's Day, my Superman will say....

"Hey what did we do LAST Valentine's Day???"

said in his most sarcastic tone possible. Here's why.....

One Valentine's Day 1996/ Bailey's First Birthday we were grocery shopping in Port Alberni. With Holly just 2 year old, sitting in the cart, Bailey one in her car seat and me 8 months preggers with Madison (please add your best rabbit joke here). I was in the bakery section and picked up a package of heart shaped cookies for the girls as I hear my Superman pipe up behind me....

"Hey Robin, What did we do last Valentine's Day??"

Me in all my hormonal glory,realizing that he wasn't being sarcastic....

See that!! (pointing to Bailey in the car seat). He had HER!!! REMEMBER!!!

"Oh, Oh Yeah" was my brilliant Superman's reply.

So the question "What did we do last Valentine's Day??" has become Kramer Family legend.

Happy Valentine's Day to the best SUPERMAN in the whole world!!!

I love you, forever and a day!!!


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