Monday, February 7, 2011

How To Wreck Furniture

It's never too far into the process of parenting and/or pet ownership that you come to the realization.....
"You just can't have NICE stuff "
and here's proof....Our office chair
(although I could also take a pictures of the broken legs on the couch, the bunk bed, the toilet seat, Dallyn's door knob....ok you get the point)

Grant got this chair five or six Christmases ago from his parents, it was so pretty, and this is what five kids and a dog can accomplish(sorry Mom & Dad).....Yes that's duct & electrical tape (Grant's a red neck repairman). The side and bottom of the seat is all Tater. But the top of the seat and the arms are courtesy of the rug rats.....I am embarrassed to admit that my the kids piano teacher sits here every week.

I've been looking to replace our office chair for the last several months and been holding out for the perfect thrift store find (frugal or cheap, I answer to both). Saturday we found this at Sally Ann for $13. Yeah me!! Hopefully this one can survive 'til the kids leave home:)


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