Saturday, February 26, 2011

Spring Cleaning Fever :)

The desperate search for a pair of fingernail clippers started an avalanche of spring cleaning in Casa de Kramer yesterday & today and the rug rats are nearing revolt :)

While the kids were at school yesterday I begun my search in the bathroom (most logical place to keep clippers, right?). When I opened the first drawer, I came to the realization that not even a Saint Bernard could find anything in there. Thus began my gutting of all three bathrooms. By the time the first kid came through the door the bathrooms were sparkling. Yes I was pleased with myself.....but still no fingernail clippers :(....

Now it was on to the couch cushions. "Where in the world does all this stuff come from??? More pens, pencils and scissors than a 1st grade classroom, more hair elastics and Bobbi pins than a Beauty Salon, enough silverware to set the table and enough candy wrappers to count for a supreme Halloween hoard. And yes,wait for it.....FOUR pairs of fingernail clippers. Yes! Purpose accomplished. :)

But now I have the spring cleaning bug....Grant's working for the weekend, the weather is crappy and all the rug rats are home. Perfect timing....

I am watching the rug rats sort socks as we speak :) I'm lovin' it! Rug rats, Not. So. Much.

Sparkling clean we come :)

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  1. I am laughing just thinking about it. The nail clippers are always lost at our house too....but finding them doesn't usually translate into spring cleaning. Fun for everyone!