Sunday, February 13, 2011


Alex's first pair of shoes from my Dad were identical to these :)

Fifteen....the number of times my Dad has phoned in the last 24 hours.

Tonight my heart hurts. I made the mistake of mentioning to Dad that D & B birthdays are today and tomorrow. No matter how many different ways I tried to explain it, my dad has struggled to understand which Grandchild on which day.

He has phoned and wished Dallyn & Bailey Happy Birthday(after I explained which kid he needed to talk to) 3 times each not remembering the previous calls....

Dad use to go shopping for his grand kids Birthdays. His favorite thing to buy each of them was the latest style of Van's Skater Shoes (The original Van's Factory wasn't too far from where my Dad lives). All of the kids first pairs of shoes were from him.

Now even a phone call, on a birthday is tremendously difficult for him.

My Dad can't remember his Grand kids birthdays....and that makes my heart hurt.


I came across this story a couple of weeks a go ..."SIGNS"....It touched my heart. It explains exactly how I feel sometimes, as I have faced heart ache in my life.....

Read SIGNS here:


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