Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Tater: The Lazy Wonder Dog

When we got a Jack Russell puppy more than 5 years ago several people warned us that they are wild and crazy. My thought was well at least he'll fit right in.....Only thing is no one ever mentioned this to Tater....We got ourselves the laziest Jack Russell around....I swear he sleeps 18 plus hours a day. The Couch or warm laundry are his favourite spots. As soon as the kids leave for school in the morning he's back asleep within minutes....
The only thing that interrupts his slumber....The extreme hate he has on for our mailman. At the first hint of movement through the mail slot Tater channels the Tasmanian devil and is at the door shredding the mail...I usually make it to the door before too much damage is done. I find a couple of teeth marks through the hydro bill kind of amusing :)
But yesterday my wonder dog has started a whole new level in his mail phobia. He laid down on the mail and wouldn't let me touch it for at least ten minutes. Growling, teeth, the works. After that he was back on the couch asleep in seconds.
Yup, he's our lazy, neurotic, wonder dog, in other words he fits right in :)

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  1. He doesnt seem that way when I come over!