Thursday, February 3, 2011

Parenting Genius

Its not very often that I feel I have out smarted my kids as a parent. Around here its usually one precarious step away from all out mutiny....

Our biggest fight is chore responsibilities and the blankety blank chore chart, an invention that worked when the rug rats were under 10, but now all they do is erase their names and substitute their least favourite sibling's name or claim sudden onset amnesia.

Last week I had a stroke of parenting genius and threw out the chore chart. Instead on our kitchen chalk board I wrote one child's name on each day of the school week. That is their day off from chores. The kids are old enough now to know the expectations, to divide up the chores amongst themselves and to get it all done, before Dad gets home from work. Fight, whine, or spend too much time in the "bathroom" and they loose their day off for the week.

So far it's worked like a charm and the contention in our home has dropped considerably....yeah me. I feel like a parenting ROCK STAR :)......

Rock star status was short lived when Dallyn came home school yesterday and announced "I know how to say penis in Japanese!"....repeating it at every opportunity...gotta love boys and public education ;)


  1. Maybe she was referring to the scientific taxonomic classification system of Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Genus, Species?

    In which case, she has elevated parenting to a whole new level :)

  2. ok so I missed the I.....glad to have made both of your days ;)