Sunday, September 7, 2014

A Miracle, Maybe Not.

For a few days last week I watch a masterpiece being built...Superman's talents shined as he almost effortlessly built my mantle, skills learned from other masters, never forgotten...I loved watching the process. My superman is so talented. Life for those days almost felt normal....

My heart began to hope, am I witnessing a miracle?? Is he healed?? Even though I knew I was just seeing the ebb and flow of an illness, there is that little part of me that always hopes we will wake up one morning and it will all be gone....

"I didn't know you could do that?!?!"

"That's amazing!!!"

" Grant you are so talented!"

The praise and attention for my sweetheart was good, really good...Often people don't know what to say to Grant, so his beautiful mantle was a great facilitator for conversation. Attention he needs even when there is no masterpiece.

My mantle was a tender mercy, but not the beginning of miraculous healing. If I am honest, I was sad as I watched the fall the days after my masterpiece was finished.... not to scary depths, but evidence that Grant still faces an Everest.

It is discouraging when a reprieve doesn't last....{I have to believe that its because Heavenly Father has greater blessings in mind for us} ok, sometimes it down right SUCKS.... and it takes a lot of prayers and bargaining to find my hope again...

So, my mantle was not a miracle, but still evidence that even with immense challenges, we can accomplish amazing things.




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