Monday, September 8, 2014

Sister Kramer: Everything Will Be OK :)

Such a sweet email this morning....

thanks it took a while to draw that up...why on earth do you have a cat now i thought you were never going to get one? we cover st. johns and conception bay for this transfer. yeah t took some money out to get some winter stuff. not sure if i need any thing right now. how is madison and holly doing havent heard from them  in a few weeks?? 

the baptism was amazing we had only been teaching her for about 2 months. it never felt that we were teaching her or that we were getting her ready for baptism. it was the holy ghost teaching through us...when you give you whole heart, might, mind, and strength to the Lord each day you serve amazing things come about.

so during church yesterday a lady got up and talk about how she was a nurse and she sad "when a child comes into the ER with broken bones or skin that needs to be stitched up, they are in so much pain and thier parents are always with them: even thought the parents cant take away the pain and there bones need to be set and skin stitched thier parents never leave them, they stay close by the child's side to say " dont worry everything will be okay" "i am right here im not going to leave you dont worry" those parents are like our Heavenly Father we still have to go through pain but he will never leave us he is always there.

Love you,


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