Friday, September 12, 2014

Remembering Them

My Mom and Dad are on my mind today....
Its Mom's birthday, she would have been 73, that's 11 birthdays in heaven, I think.
And today is the funeral of one of my Dad's dear friends....Dad and Mel were Logan (Utah) boys, a place that seems to fortify friendships like no other. City kids, but only in the 1950, Utah definition...raised on fresh air and home cooking and pioneer fortitude and the occasional adult beverage, snuck from Skanky's Market.  These guys were friends since grade school and  never missed an opportunity to get together since.  I can't imagine the trouble they're causing in heaven....(I'm pretty sure it's heaven ;))
 Birthdays in heaven always bring some sadness. But I am grateful to know that they are at peace.


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