Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Our Wall of Death :)

It was a few years back, I was in my sister's living room, in the righteous state of Utah, admiring the pictures on her fire place mantle....

"Oh, how do you like our mantle of DEATH??? My brother in law, says behind, me

"What???"  It was only then that I realized that all the picture placed the were of the departed. My Mom, a few grandparents, Jason's Dad,  Kelli and Jason's first cat.

"Yup, Kelli call's it the memorial mantle, but I think the mantle of DEATH, is better"

We all laughed, when you've had our heartaches, sometimes you laugh at odd things....

But I honestly LOVED the idea, and made a mental note. Never to be out done by my twin, I figured we needed a "wall of death" at our new house....

My mom in the mid 60's, with their cats Stinky and Silly Mamma, leaning on my Dad's bug.

The CA license plate from my Mom's '64 Mustang 

My Dad, young and cool.

Ollie Jean (my Dad's only sister) and my Uncle Bill, in 1924, Ollie Jean died as a young teen, of a sudden illness. My Dad was born a year later, my Grandma Beena's heart never healed.

Grant's Grandma and Grandpa Kramer.

The MERRILL sign that hung by my Dad's front door.

My new favourite sign " if you met my family, you would understand " :)

My Grandma Beena as a young girl, she was/ is the most amazing woman.

1954 Merrill Family Christmas photo, shows my Great Grandma Ash, a hand cart pioneer and my Dad and his brothers

Beena and Wendell, my paternal Grandma and Grandpa (he died before I was born)

The hood ornament from dad's '62 VW Bug

Grandad and Grandma Hamilton, my material grand parents

The mirror...to help me always remember that I stand today on their sacrifices and to honour them :)

The Temple...families can be forever :)

I realize as I've begun decorating this new house, that everything we have on our walls has meaning and isnt just there for the Esthetics.... 

Even the mantle (not of death)...

A picture of Jesus...I'm more spiritual than I let on ;)

An old clock from the Yorba Linda house, the chime tone is so cool.

Face clock, the last birthday gift from my mom.

K...duh Kramer starts with K :) any other letter would just be weird 

The fan, I'm not sure it's age (at least 100) but it was always on the table in the living room, in Grandad's home, my mom thought we'd chop our fingers off, so she cut the power cord off, when we moved in, we were 14 years old when she did that???? The fan makes me laugh.

Grant and I and the kids in front of the Handcart pioneer monument....always remember their sacrifices  :)
  The iron from the late 1800's.

So if you still think I'm normal, here's proof I'm not... Our book shelf...

Yes that's a bed pan, from the Gualt Hospital in Lethbridge, I saved it from the dumpster as we cleaned out mom's house...


I thought it was funny, see my sister and I have been through a lot of sh...crap. That bed pan reminds me that yes there have been many really crappy times, but we have survived and thrived...because and  inspite  of that :). 
I refuse to have pictures of my parents, where I can see their illnesses and vices, those are times one can't forget, but I wish to seenthem in young happier times, I believe that is a truer reflection of who they are.

I'm crazy, but my walls make me happy :)


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