Saturday, September 27, 2014

It's a {blue-eyed} BOY!

 So apparently we acquire pets the same way we acquired children....NO planning, minimal discussion and in rapid succession :)

TUCKER (because it rhymes with me favorite curse word what 4 yr-old Dallyn wanted to be when he grew up :) )  joined our family Thursday. Could you say NO to those eyes? 

So maybe a month ago Superman says, "You know if we ever find Jack Russell puppies again, we might get one."

We never see JR puppies, like I never gave it a second thought.

Then a friend stopped by Wednesday and after seeing Tater, said "Oh you should see the cute JR puppies,(her son's) friend has??"....

Wednesday night, after Superman walked in the door from Church meetings...."I say there are JR puppies in Black Creek."

16 hours later TUCKER was home.

{see just like we had children}

He's so tiny and is too cute for words...

Tater tolerates him, Charlie is SURPRISINGLY kind and has not laid one claw on him and the rug rats simply LOVE him....

And that's it NO MORE pets!!!! I mean it this time!!!! (not like when we had kids ;) )

Welcome home TUCKER!!!!

And no we are NOT replacing our departing children with pets, no normal person does that. But Grant did veto naming TUCKER, Bailey ;)


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