Monday, September 22, 2014

Sister Kramer: Farewell NFLD

{Scripture Study on the Beach}
so i guess your going to have to take st. johns of your weather app they are finally kicking me off the rock and sending me to...(drum roll!!!) Sidney nova Scotia!!!! i will be leaving on Wednesday :) these last few days have been really great it was the newfoundland conference its like stake conference but we dont have enough members to call it that...president leavitt came up on saturday to give us a training and the saturday session of conference then after we had a branch corn roast and a talent show my companions and i took the word to man in the mirror and changed them to missionary one and throw in a bit of newfie and all the missionaries sang it. it was a hit everyone loved it there is a video on my wall of it if you want to hear it :) After the night was over president leavitt took us missionaries out for icecream it was awesome :)

its been a crazy few days trying to get everything to fit in two suit cases but i think the change will be good it is a little bitter sweet to leave the people you have come to know so well but it is exciting to start the next chapter of my mission 

do you think that you could send me the book "the power of everyday missionaries" president has added it to the books we can read and i would love to have it thanks :)

love you guys hope you are doing well :)

{Saying a sad farewell to a Senior Couple who had finished their mission}


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