Monday, September 29, 2014

Sister Kramer: Hello Sydney

Glad to know Bailey made it safely to her new area, Sydney, Nova Scotia :)

And no Bailey, we are not replacing you with pets. :)

And yes Elder Holland's talk Like A Broken Vessel is one of my favorites. :)

tucker is the cutes thing ever! i love that you a replacing me with animals haha :) but i dont think anything will fill the void of not having your favourite daughter around ;) your turning into those parents that have a kid when they have a child out on a mission.
my new companion is sister c she is from southern alberta. super sweet girl she has been out for 9 months now
the trip went smooth we got on the plane on wendesday ( so not a fan of flying!!) and stayed in halifax over night then drove to triro at 530 in the morning then drove with my new companion to sydney.
i have a talk that i think you should read it is called a broken vessel by elder holland i love it and i hope you like it to :) 
sorry that it is so short to day but i have interview with the president today so i promise to send you a long one with pictures next week


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