Monday, September 15, 2014

Sister Kramer: That's A LOT of people.

So Bailey's email is as short as usual, but I can't complain, Grant and I each got a hand written letter Friday....She even apologized to me for being a horrid teenager (I must have a bad memory ;))....

the living room looks great! you should send me more pictures of the house i would love to see what it looks like :)....
this week has been good not a lot to report but we did beat the whole mission in how many people you talk to in a day the record was 402 people and we talked to 419 people! so that was pretty cool. 
yes it is cold here now! not sure if i need anything from home...its better to get things out here.

Ok, I don't think I've talked to, 419 strangers in my life time, so doing that in a day...way to go Bailey!
I miss my missionary...


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