Monday, April 18, 2011

Flower Boy

Grant and I headed over to the nursery (plant not baby) this morning. I wanted to pick up some tomato and herb plants....As we were perusing the aisles. I walk past the Martha Washington geraniums. Grant stops behind me, picks up a purple and white one and says "Oooo Robin they're so pretty"  
I turn around thinking he's mocking me. "Yes Grant, they're pretty". Grant: "No seriously we need to put more colour in the flower beds this year..." "Okie Dokie ??" (still not sure whats gotten into my big manly Superman) 

Grant: "Robin I'm serious, you know I love flowers." (No I don't think I had committed that to long term memory) I launch into a "we've already spent enough money on flowers this year" monologue. In the middle of which it dawns on me, as Grant is loading the cart with foliage I am wasting my time. We are not poor and my Superman spending $50 bucks on flowers will not break the bank.

He then spies the African daisy...I didn't even say a word. With a full cart we head to the check out.
The lady at the check out asks if we're together...."Yes" as I roll my eyes. She then tells us what the response was from the last couple she asked that question to. " Not if she buys one more flower, we're not..." Before I can say anything Grant responses...
"It's actually me with the flower issue..." The lady didn't know what to say. I told Grant it was him planting everything. Which he did. He also installed the solar lights, replaced the flower bed edging and tore apart and fixed the lawn mower. The front yard is looking pretty spiffy. I sure love my super handy flower loving Superman.
Tonight the kids and I planted sunflowers
some pepper pants

tomato and strawberry plants. We have decided to try container gardening on our super sunny deck this year. (I have found almost a dozen huge pots at the second hand stores...all for under $3 each)
Now if I can just remember to WATER....

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  1. Ooooooooh!!! Looks great. Nice work Grant! It's funny because that's what we worked on today. Except I have the flower problem, not Justin!! :)