Sunday, April 3, 2011

Maya's Marshmallow Cupcakes

It was our young friend Maya's Baptism today, an awesome way to end a Conference weekend.

 I came across this idea last week for marshmallow flower cupcakes and immediately thought of Maya. Besides being cute, Maya is obsessed with marshmallows. So the girls and I thought these were perfect to take to her baptism today.....

Making marshmallow flowers is surprisingly quick and simple....With dampened  scissors cut a large marshmallow into five slices (pedals), dip each flat side in sprinkles, cut mini marshmallow in half and dip in sprinkles (center). Assemble flower by pressing marshmallows together (they are sticky enough to stay together on there own.)

The cupcakes started a bit of a baking frenzy in the house....


Cinnamon Rolls

Sugar Cookies


  1. I think it is immensely unfair that you got the baking gene and I didn't!

  2. Impressive!! Those flower cupcakes are SO cute and girly.