Friday, April 22, 2011

Baskets, Bunny Buns and Breaking Even

So this weekend I pretty much broke even....My oldest three headed down to Youth Conference in Victoria and Alex and Dallyn's three friends came here so their parents could attend the Youth Conference. Its been terrible...totally kidding Michelle. Its been great, they all entertain each other. All I have to do is feed them occasionally.(only when they beg :)

They have played way too many computer games and watched way too much TV  but I did make sure we did two productive things today Easter baskets and Bunny Buns....
Easiest Easter Baskets

1. 12"x12" scrapbook Paper (card stock works best)
2. Cut paper into a 9" square and 2" x 12" handle
3. Fold to form a tic tac toe square
4. Cut as above

5. Hot glue or staple sides up and staple on handle...done

6. Embellish however you want, we made paper flowers
the girls made these all themselves ...ahhh my little budding crafters :)

Next we made Bunny Buns from the Children's Friend

They were sooo yummy...didn't use the recipe listed..... I added orange zest to my cinnamon bun recipe and it worked great....the glaze I used :
2 cups powdered sugar
1/3 Cup orange juice
2 TBspoons butter
thin with milk.

I think these will become a new family tradition.

It was a messy, sticky fun day. Now the kids are staying up way past their bed time :) Shhh don't tell their parents ;)


  1. Yeah! I love Easter weekend. You are a scrapbooking goddess! Impressive little baskets. Happy Easter!

  2. I can't decide which is cuter: the embellished baskets or the bunny buns. Good thing you don't live closer, I would be dropping by too often to see what was in your kitchen! Happy Easter.