Friday, April 8, 2011


My Dad would be proud.....I am continually amazed at the music program our elementary school has. Grades 4 through 7 learn to play the Marimbas (so much easier on the ears than soprano recorders, just sayin')...This year they have added a glee club and the entire school did a video flash mob to "Never Say Never" by Justin Bieber (The fact that the back of the program thanked J B for his "inspirational song" made both Grant and I chuckle)....



Alex's class playing Hot, Hot, Hot.(ignore the sound quality)

Grant and I always end up having a "discussion" over the camera(we both hate our camera and are getting a new one) at these events....He's taller so I want him to take the pictures/videos, then I make some comment about how to get a better shot or that he should have taken more pictures and he ends up "handing" the camera back at me.(I know, therapy might help :)

Back to the concert....The kids all sound fantastic. I love the fact that every single student participates and Mrs. T brings out the best in each of them.

Their talent astounds me.... One girl played/sang a song she wrote. She's 12! I am sure we will see her name in lights someday. Listen HERE (Sugar land cover, not what she preformed last night).

Alex also performed with "Faranuka" the advanced marimba group and also with the glee club.(man she's an over achiever, no idea where that comes from). Great Night!

***Stupid Parent Moment*** Neither Grant or I knew Alex was performing with or belonged to "Faranuka" until we noticed her standing on stage behind a marimba playing it....I said to her after when did you join Faranuka? Mom I've played all year, I thought I told you (eye roll). Maybe she had ??? Pretty sure each of my children has robbed me of a few (like a lot) of my former brain cells.


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