Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Breakfast Debacle

I made the goal of now getting up (5:30 am) with my Seminary kids every morning. My hopes were to keep them off the computer and from destroying the house...Three days into my lofty goal I failed (I know bad mom)...Here's what I got up to this lovely morning...
Why not make WAFFLES....mmmm I heart waffles. No they didn't save me any :( Nope just the mess :)
 And why not destroy any nutritional value those waffles might have by loading them up with half a gallon of no name imitation maple syrup, fake raspberry jam and half a gallon of ICE CREAM, yes ice cream. Breakfast of Kramer champions!

***And just for the fun of it, notice what's sitting on top of the bread box next to the toaster...big chocolate Easter bunnies, yes this mother of the year forgot/didn't bother hiding them. Dallyn did mention he might need therapy***

I think I will at least attempt getting up tomorrow morning :) In hopes of avoiding a repeat breakfast debacle.


  1. I would leave it and make them clean it up :).

  2. OK - first I laughed (because it's the same but different here - just the younger version) and then I cried (realizing that I'm in it for the long haul). Overall, too funny - and I don't think you're a bad mom Robin!!! Oh how I'm dreading the Seminary years. I think they'll have to make me the teacher to get me going. :)

  3. Your kids sure do give you some pretty good blogging material!