Tuesday, April 5, 2011

But They're Square!!!! REPEAT :)

We finally had the restoration company show up today to do the repairs to the support pillars of our balcony/ deck. Yeah! They were here most of the day and the finished product is going to make our house look quite nice. The major change is that the once round concrete pillars are now framed with wood and square.....

Apparently going from round to square is something my offspring can contemplate....As each rug rat came in the door from school the conversation went something like this....

What did they do to the deck??

Me: Replace the pillar and frame in all the pillars so they look the same.

But they're now square.

Me:Yes I know.

How'd they get the concrete truck in here?

Me: They didn't need one. Its all wood now.

Where'd the other concrete pillars go?

Me: They're still there...they just put wood around them.


Me:So they all look the same! 


Just as I finished the conversation with the first child the next child would come find me.....I repeated this conversation FIVE times in less than 30 minutes....Maybe they are just preparing me for when I really am senile.

My kids do this often,like daily...they will even all be in the same room and each ask the same question in the matter of minutes....it drives me nuts. I think that's why they do it!

Listening to each other...I guess it's just beyond them


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