Thursday, April 21, 2011

Pea Hotter

I am currently watching the latest "Pea Hotter" DVD...not that I really want to. I have never read a Harry Potter book and probably never will. (Stop gasping.) But I live in a house full of Harry Potter nerds.  My Superman and all of our offspring have read every book and seen every movie way more than once. I have seen every movie out of default and have only touched a book if I've tripped on it. Even after a decade I still have to ask who Voldermort is? The Superman starts explaining...I think it's in Swahili :).

Dallyn went to the first movie when he was 18 months old and sat through the whole thing. Although the scary parts freaked him out. He called it "Pea Hotter" and the name has stuck ever since. I hate to admit it but I have used the DVD's as a babysitter more than once. Don't judge...:)

But just in case I want to be a "Pea Hotter" nerd, I can always go  HERE


  1. Wow Wikipedia really does have a lot of USEFUL information. I was a little shocked that you have never read the books though!

  2. Ive never read the books either Robin. I have only watched the movies when steve and the kids have them on....i don't think i have ever seen 1 the whole way through. I am going to have to break down someday, I am sure!