Thursday, April 14, 2011


Dear friends of ours lost their Papa yesterday. Although we didn't know Papa well, we knew he was a good and kind man. The wonderful man he was is reflected in the beautiful family he leaves behind. Our thoughts and prayers are with them. Reading a tribute written by his granddaughter this morning touched my heart and caused me to reflect on my own Grandad and how much my life was blessed by him.

 My Grandad was a true gentleman. As a young girl I remember shoulder rides and eating carrots from his garden. Camping trips to Waterton in his trailer and riding in his big blue car. He was always impeccably dressed,his tie matching his handkerchief. He even tailored his own clothes .

Not long after my Grandmother passed away it was decided that my mom, sister, and I would move to Canada from California. In the summer of 1988 two bratty California teenagers and their mother  moved into my Grandad's home. Life in Canada was quite the contrast to the chaotic life we had led in California. My parents had separated a few years sooner and Grandad's house was a true refuge from our broken home.
Grandad holding Holly just after she was born 1993
Grandad never yelled or raised his voice but commanded respect. There were chores and expectations. Manners were a must. The table was formally set for dinner and the house kept impeccable. He graciously welcomed our friends and made sure we went to Church and Seminary, even though he was never a member. He always attended daddy daughter activities, our school concerts and plays congratulating us for every accomplishment. We loved him and knew he loved us. When I think of how a man ought to be I think of him.

It wasn't until after he was gone some fifteen years ago that I truly understood the sacrifice he made for us. He knew that my mom deeply troubled and needed help. He gave his all to make our return to Canada possible. Grandad gave us the priceless gift of normalcy and security. For that I will be forever grateful.


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