Monday, April 11, 2011

Bruce-isms...Life changing advice from my F-I-L :)

The in-laws were here for the weekend.  A great visit. My father in law is a tell-it-like-he-sees-it, self professed red-neck and one of  the funniest guys I know. One is never quite sure what he's going to say I learned the hard way...laughing so hard I had water coming out my nose...TWICE.

Bruce on parenting....

"Out of ten-thousand sperm....I can't believe you were the fastest"

Bruce on aging....

"I don't need hearing aids....that's what I have Grandma for!"

Bruce on marriage...

"I knew I married "Mrs. Right", I just didn't know her first name was ALWAYS. (attributed to his Dad)

Bruce on hobbies...

``Oh we have hobbies....It`s just one of us refuses to contribute``
-this was his response when Dallyn said `Grandpa you needed get a hobby``....It flew over Dallyn`s head

Bruce on religion....

``I`m the token non way people can have the missionaries for dinner...we get a lot of free meals that way.``

I could not ask for a nicer, more genuine guy for a father in law. Over the last eighteen years he has always treated me with much love and respect. You can`t spend more than a minute or two with the Bruce not love him. Thanks for all the laughs even if it results in a few embarrassing moments.


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