Saturday, April 30, 2011

Dirty Work

Holly and Bailey setting the example
Our weekends have started to feel busier than the school was no different. Dump Run first thing this morning(I love the sound off all my crap hitting the bottom of a dumpster). Helping a family move in (We love our growing ward)

 Then my Superman went and picked up a yard of compost,Apparently, we need more flower beds (his gardening/flower addiction is starting to worry me. Maybe its time for GA- gardeners anonymous). The rug rats and I were supposed to help..we did, can you tell. We take wheel barrel races and....
Yard's totally catching on
 Yard surfing to a whole new level around here. We were finally save by the bell, the phone that is...Grant's boss called and for some reason all work stopped:) We accomplished tons, really and the yard is really starting to come together.
Why wear shoes...we wouldn't want to keep the freshly shampooed carpets clean now would we...where's the fun in that!


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