Wednesday, May 11, 2011


 Spending my teenage years in the bible belt of Canada was a good thing for me. My Mom plucking us from a sun soaked, salary obsessed Southern California and dropping us into the wheat fields and cattle pastures of Southern Alberta was the best gift she could have given two over indulged California girls.It changed the course of my life and I am nothing but grateful.
It didn't take long for us to settle into the laid back life style. We found great friends, the kind of people that make you want to be better and do better. We were good Mormon kids, So what are a bunch of cash strapped kids to do in their free time.....

Lots really....

From sledding at the Sugar Bowl to Chinese fire drills, to filling cars or bedrooms with balloons and news paper to celebrate a birthday, to avoiding the "old lady" (she was like 45) chaperon at the stake dance that made us kneel to make sure our skirts were long enough. I don't think we could get in trouble if we tried....

But our all time favourite thing to do was FORK each others front lawn....Say what?? Now I don't think it has ever been determined if we invented forking or just continued the tradition. But its simple really.....All you need is....

some one's front lawn (usually your most gullible, unsuspecting friend)

and a Costco sized box of plastic forks

Lethbridge Friends 1990
Steve Johnson's Farewell Nov 1991
And a bunch of friends that have access to their parents mini vans :)

Nothing like a thousand plastic forks sticking out of, which ever friend could get out that nights, lawn....( like a poly pockets grave yard)....We thought we were brilliant.
The best added touch was putting the sprinkler on the front door step and ringing the door bell while your side kick cranked on the water. SO. MUCH. FUN!!!
That box of forks was recycled a hundred times, who knew we were a bunch of environmentally friendly teenager before our time :)              {thanks Gary for reminding us}


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