Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Gooey Ducks & a Young Eagle

We woke up this morning to beautiful, warm sunshine, finally...Since my Superman had had last night off we decided to take full advantage of our kid free time and headed to Kye Bay beach for a few hours...As we headed out the door we realized our magnificent Holly had taken our camera to school. I had to fight off the shakes from camera withdrawal.....We could of had some gorgeous shots today but it wasn't to be, sigh....So the following pics are stolen from google for illustration purposes only (I'll repent later, maybe)...

Gooey Duck

The tide was very low today so you could walk for miles on the flat sand. The only thing was there were gooey ducks boroughed every underneath the sand. [Gooey Ducks are large salt water clams and perhaps the ugliest creature in the animal kingdom. They have the longest life span too 146 years and their tongues can grow 3 ft, yes I'm a Wikipedia nerd]

 The only way you know the gooey duck is there is a tiny hole in the sand. If you step right next to the hole the clam will shoot water several feet in the air, as it boroughs deeper in the sand....Its kind of impressive (the first half a dozen times or so) It amused my Superman for hours, need I say more :) I was not even slightly amused when he kept causing the dang things to shoot me,He thought he was hilarious, gotta love husbands
Young Eagle
The other cool thing was I had a young eagle fly within feet of me and catch something from the tide pool I was standing by....those birds are HUGE, it actually made me super nervous (their talons are pretty intimidating). They are beautiful creatures. (if only I had the camera) First time we have ever seen one that close up. Amazing morning. minus the camera.


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