Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Lessons From The Waiting Room

So my Superman was at the ER the other night....but its really not that blog worthy. So we`ll move on.But this is what I learned whilst there :) If  you are ever REALLY bored and have nothing BETTER to do (by better I mean watch paint dry, water boil, go to the dentist, volunteer in Nursery, go to an elementary recorder concert, ok I'll stop) Go to the ER and make sure its a long weekend. It will be the MOST. FUN. EVER!

So lets just surmise that that the waiting room was really full. I've been less claustrophobic in an elevator....But this made people watching even more interesting. I couldn't decide which was more amusing watching the people or my seventeen year old's eyes grow as big as saucers (So Who's family is normal now Holly?) We learned many valuable lessons in the three hours of my life I will never get back.

1. Mixing alcohol (yes the ``two`` beers you had during the hockey game count) and the dozen meds you are on, will give you a one ticket to your friendly neighbourhood doc shop. Announcing your situation to the captive waiting room....will not expedite your cause.

2. If you do not understand the workings of the bathrobe you probably should chose other definitely should not be buck naked underneath that seventeen year old would like to thank-you for the anatomy lesson...NOT

3. Just because you think your plaid shirt is long enough does not mean you should leave your pants at home...the fact that you remembered your wool socks and hiking boots will never compensate from the lack of pants, I`m just saying....

So needless to say I am here to announce that the Kramer`s have moved up drastically on the normal scale. According to our seventeen year old at least. So like I was saying if you have nothing better to do....Try the Saint Joseph`s ER....It`s. A. Blast!


  1. Hilarious! Glad you were able to share that with your daughter! Life experiences like that are so valuable, if not to go as far as saying 'priceless'

  2. there is something to learn where ever you go! I bet all of you will be thinking twice before getting hurt/sick and heading back to St. Joe's, unless your in the mood for some education!