Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Hole-ly Pants & the "Pot" Garden

Another mother of the year moment brought to you by Casa de Kramer....
 My son wore these jeans to school this week. Not once put twice.

 Dallyn's favourite pair of jeans.
Not only are there holes and rips in the knees (so he's kinda trendy), there are now a total of THREE holes on the front, just below the zipper (I draw the line)...When I saw their pitiful state on Monday I told him to take them off and throw them away. Dallyn immediately started to plead a case for the jeans survival rivalling the skills of any defence attorney. He even suggested I could patch them (me. sew. not likely)

So he came home Tuesday wearing the SAME exact pair of jeans I thought had been disposed of. Yes this mother of the year didn't notice when he left for school. Now I'm annoyed and slightly embarrassed..."But Dallyn they're holes in the crotch!" "But I wore a long t-shirt it's fine." Must be a boy thing?? (never too sure, I only gots one) Bye bye jeans, may you RIP


So this never, ever happens. Every single plant I started from seed grew and continues to grow. I have 36 tomato plants, 21 pepper plants and 3 pumpkin plants. I only have room for a few here at home. Good thing the rest can go to the Church garden plot.

 When my visiting teacher asked if I wanted some pots she was getting rid of, I said SURE. I didn't know some were nearly 20. We have a super sunny deck and now have quite the "pot" garden started. My Superman even called me "pothead" this morning. Whatever you say flower boy :)
Beets, Cucumber, Peas, Beans, Radishes, Green and purple onion, Tomato, Peppers and Strawberries. Lets just see if it all  survives 'til August :)


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