Saturday, May 14, 2011

I Never Liked that i Pod Anyways....

Thursday night the phone rang just after 11. Grant works graveyards and usually calls around that time to say goodnight. I was down stairs while all of our hand sets were upstairs, (a common problem around here). But since I have let go of my strict exercise regiment I wasn't about to run for the phone.

When I found the phone a few minutes later, I didn't recognize the number.Checking the message it was Madison (on a band trip in Seattle).

"Mom our Van was ROBBED! I'm okay. I'll call you back when I get to another phone."

You could tell she was fighting back tears. I tried the number back, the phone was now off. So I called Grant at work to let him know. And kept the phone close.

Grant called me about an hour later to say Madison had just called him at work. (Smart girl, he always answers, unlike her negligent parent:)

Their van had been broken into while they were attending a laser light show. Madison's backpack, along with seven other students various belongs had been taken. Madison was lucky (kind of). She had put her wallet with most of her money and all of her ID in her pants pocket before leaving the van. The back pack had all of her toiletries, a pair of shorts, about $15 and GRANT's ipod, an ipod she didn't have permission to take...I think that's why she was mostly upset. Having to tell Dad...

He didn't get too upset with her but did take the opportunity to explain the difference between Theft and Robbery :).....
(to) rob  (Verb)1. Take property unlawfully from (a person or place) by force or threat of force.

theft/THeft/ Noun: The action or crime of stealing

Other students lost all their money, ID and belongings including expensive instruments. So we are counting our blessings. Madison has decided to pay Grant back for the i Pod (that's my girl). We did get notice when we picked her up last night that the police had found some of the missing items in a dumpster. So they will be sorting that out in the next few days....

It is just plain sad that these kinds of things happen. But I think a few valuable lesson's have been learned here. At least now Maddie knows the difference between being robbed and theft =/


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