Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Plant?

broccoli, no cauliflower, no brussels sprouts???
 For Mother's Day the Elders Quorum gave out the ever so original plant . I ended up with five, I should of had a few more kids, I could of had a whole garden. The Elders Quorum did redeem themselves slightly when the big bowl of chocolates showed up just in time for Relief Society :)

Only thing is they are now surprise plants. You see on the way home, My superman hit a bump/stopped to fast ? and all the plants went flying off the dash...The plastic tags fell out and now we have now idea which ones are broccoli, cauliflower, or Brussels sprouts. they all look the same to me.....

I spent the first part of Mother's Day trying to pretend that I loved it  and the rest of the day failing miserably at pretending.

So many good things about that day:

Grant. Roses. Wow! Seriously wow!

My Dad's 7:45 am phone call "Do Canadians celebrate Mother's day today??" "Yes Dad we sure do.:)" Well then Happy mother's Day!"

The Rug rats showering me with gifts (especially the big bag of Skittles :)

The kind emails and messages from friends and family.

The hug from a friend in the hallway of Church...just saying she was thinking about me. (dang those people who see right through me)

Nolan (bro-in-law) calling to wish me Happy Mother's Day. I sure miss him and still can't believe he's getting married (bless you Maggie)

Failing miserably at pretending....

I realize I am the one who has the choice here.{After a long talk with my Superman, I hate it when he is right ;)} Mother's Day or any day for that matter is what I choose to make of it.

Yesterday I read an article called "Finding peace on Mother's Day". I love what she says....
I have learned that peace comes as we focus on the "given good" versus the "expected good" in our lives. If we focus on what we expected our mothers to be like, what we expected to be like as a mother or when we expected to be a mother, we will be disappointed.

However, if we focus on the "given good," the good qualities that our mothers have, the good qualities that we have, and the wonderful opportunities for mothering others that we have had, we can be at peace.

Read entire article HERE

So here's to better choices :) one day at a time.

And guess who's been playing with my camera....

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  1. Those plants look great! I've got some of the same, if you want to come and compare. . . Emma