Thursday, May 12, 2011

Our little Quasimodo

Meet our newest little hypochondriac (I know bad parent)....

The little man comes by it honestly really. So Dallyn has been complaining a a sore ankle for a few days. Not sure which one, I swear it keeps switching. Nothing major, no visible swelling, no bruising. Just something to whine about and use conveniently to get out of chores and the ever dreaded PE class...
The funny thing is he turns it on when he thinks the Superman or I are watching and turns it off when he thinks he's out of visible range....He's quite the dynamic limper too, makes me think of Quasimodo, seriously this kid has skills.

This morning he crawls on my bed sticks both feet in my face and says "Mom, can't you see that, they're different colours..."  "No Dallyn I'm not seeing it"...He continues to hop all morning getting ready for school. Which I ignore. So he hops out the door to walk to school. Still ignoring. I see him two minutes later heading up the hill with crutches (pretty sure he hid them in the carport). You've got to be kidding me! But I think whatever and let it go :) Two minutes later he is walking back down the hill carrying said crutches. Puts them back in the carport and WALKS back up the hill.

Dallyn man I love you, you krazy Kramer :)


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