Sunday, May 29, 2011

A Kleenex Sunday

Grant, Bishop W, Brother B
The reality that one of our favorite families ever is really moving away, was solidified today when  Bishop W was released. The similarities between our families are erie although they are WAY less crazy ;)...Married the same year, Grant's birthday is the same month as his and mine the same month as hers, we have several children born days apart, we have both lived in Port Alberni twice and Courtenay once (at the same time).  Over the last almost two decades they have become truly treasured friends.

It is with heavy hearts that we see them once again move on. But are more than grateful to have had them close  and hope they will always know how loved, valued and appreciated they are. A, M, A, R, L & M you guys are awesome. We love you.

Grant has had the honour and privilege of serving with Bishop W in the bishopric for the last year and a half. A calling he has loved. The blessings to our family fortifying.

Today a new bishop was sustained, Grant was again sustained as his first councilor. A position he was honoured to accept.

Tears flowed freely as we felt deep respect and gratitude for Bishop W's service, the assurance that our new bishop was called of God, that friendships are eternal and that our family is right where we are supposed to be. But I really should have remembered Kleenex.

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  1. Lovely. I'm sad they are going too.